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Boutique fashion for the Mid-West

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A modern approach to fashion in the Mid-West

From Simple-Chic to Boho-Babe, we know that where you live shouldn't dictate what you wear. At MKT Clothing Co, we are dedicated to providing modern, affordable fashion for every woman. 


Meet the Women of MKT Clothing

Co-Founders Rachel and Karen have been best friends for over 15 years. Growing up in rural Missouri, they bonded over their love of fashion, entrepreneurial spirit and larger-than-life ideas. After supporting each other through marriages, child birth, and the creation of their own individual businesses, they found themselves dedicated to helping grow and develop their local community. While they love their hometown, they often felt there weren't enough businesses that catered to strong women. This created a desire to solve an unfulfilled need for women in Rural Missouri: affordable fashion for women of all sizes. 

MKT Clothing Co was founded on this principle: women should uplift other women. They know that whether you are chasing around your kids, preparing for an interview, or running your own company, nothing looks or feels better than confidence.  By providing affordable, modern clothing for women of all sizes, the women of MKT strive to help all women look and feel their best. 

As of October 2019, Rachel & Karen officially opened a new storefront boutique for MKT Clothing Co. Located at 105 E Pine, Warrensburg Missouri, the shop carries the entire MKT line plus vintage home decor.  Stop by to meet the ladies who love fashion, love Warrensburg, and love helping others.

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